Gas Lift Gurus

Cost Benefit Analysis


Our GURU experts continuously monitor gas-lifted wells using artificial intelligence to optimize production and enable customers to focus on the profitability of gas lifted wells at a reasonable cost.




cost benefit analysis

GURU Optimization

Without continuous monitoring and diagnosis, gas lift production gains decline over time, resulting in a loss in profitability.

Our GURUS continuously monitor gas-lifted wells through the use of artificial intelligence to optimize production.

Managing every well, every day, enables customers to focus on maintaining the profitability of gas lifted wells more effectively and more efficiently.

guru cost per barrel

Cost Benefit Analysis

Every well. Every Day.

Gas Lift Management.

What it Costs

The cost of our GURU service is an annual fee per well equal to approximately 1/16th of a barrel per day.

What You Gain

A conservative estimate of revenue generated by using our GURU service equates to approximately 5% in extra production.

For example, use of our GURU production optimization system will generate 2.5 barrels of additional revenue per day in a well producing 50 barrels per day well.

In summary, you gain 5% extra extraction at a cost of only 1/16th of a barrel per day.



Compare & Contrast 

Production Results With and Without Continuous Surveillance

Historical gas lift optimization campaigns return 5-15% additional production opportunities.

We won’t ever leave your wells waiting for the next campaign. Our GURU experts continuously optimize your production.

Our GURU experts allow you to maintain gains by optimizing production. Without our services, production declines at a faster rate; however, our GURUS provide you with continuous well monitoring. Our experts identify areas for improvement to lengthen the life of a well. With GURU, your production declines much less gradually over time. The efficiency of our GURUs identifying problems in your wells will result in maximized, prolonged well profitability.

Expected Decline Curve

Production is expected to continuously decline at a steady rate.

Without Corrective Action

Without corrective action, production declines more rapidly than the expected production decline curve.

Sporadic Campaign Corrections

Production improves at the time of each campaign; however, the improvement is temporary and eventually declines.

Continuous Surveillance

With continuous surveillance, analysis and correction, production remains close to the expected production decline curve. The purple line illustrates how rapid identification of problems can quickly be corrected to maintain production optimization.