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Gas Lift Gurus provides surveillance and analysis services utilizing experienced experts and a groundbreaking Intelligent Agent-based AI gas lift surveillance system designed by top gas lift experts.



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Managing Gas Lifted Wells is Challenging

Optimize Production Through Continuous Surveillance

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Production Results With and Without Continuous Surveillance

Expected Decline Curve

Production is expected to continuously decline at a steady rate.

Without Corrective Action

Without corrective action, production declines more rapidly than the expected production decline curve.

Sporadic Campaign Corrections

Production improves at the time of each campaign; however, the improvement is temporary and eventually declines.

Continuous Surveillance

With continuous surveillance, analysis and correction, production remains close to the expected production decline curve. The purple line illustrates how rapid identification of problems can quickly be corrected to maintain production optimization.

pGURU™ Report Gallery

Discover the power of our pGURU™ reports in our extensive gallery below. Scroll through a variety of pGURU report displays and see how our Gas Lift Management AI Systems can revolutionize production optimization.

With our expert analysis and continuous surveillance, you can maintain production close to the expected decline curve and make informed decisions for your wells. Explore the slideshow or scroll through our reports below. Trust Gas Lift Gurus for reliable gas lift surveillance and analysis services.

Scroll through various pGURU report displays in our report gallery below or click the button below to view as a slideshow.

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See how our Gas Lift Management AI Systems can revolutionize production optimization.​ To pause slideshow transition, simply hover over the image or use the arrows on the left or right to manually scroll through the slideshow.

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