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Gas Lift Monitoring and Diagnostic Services


Gas Lift Gurus uses Artificial Intelligence to provide a service that employs world class gas lift experts and proven surveillance workflows.



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Gas Lift Monitoring and Diagnostic Services

Gas Lift Gurus, Inc. uses artificial intelligence for artificial lift applications to cut the costs of production management and increase the profitability of wells.

Gas Lift Gurus, Inc. was established by four organizations that blend distinct capabilities. AppSmiths is a recognized leader in products and services for the gas-lift industry.  IMARC has a proven record of developing intelligent agents and robots that can automate the surveillance and diagnosis of gas lifted wells. IMARC Robotics, specilizes in AI and in-well robotic applications. SoftPro Technologies is an AI technology provider that designs and builds decision support systems in complex problem domains. WaringWorld, Inc. is a world-class gas lift domain expert.

Our “GURUS” leverage their understanding of artificial intelligence and oil industry domain knowledge to develop monitoring and diagnosis software for artificial lift systems.  Our first product is for the management of gas lift systems, including wells with continuous, intermittent, multi-string designs, and naturally flowing wells.  This product will serve as the foundation for future systems such as plunger lift and electric submersible pumps (ESP). 

AppSmiths is the leading specialist in well modeling to optimize gas lift well production 

IMARC invents, builds and deploys bespoke multi-agent robotic intelligent agent systems

IMARC Robotics specializes in artificial intelligence and in-well robotic applications designed to decarbonize the energy industry.

SoftPro Technologies has a proven track record in artificial intelligence and software development

WaringWorld has a proven track record of world class gas lift domain expertise

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